Happy Birthday Sandra Bullock: Here are 3 must-watch movies of her

Sandra Bullock is one of the most versatile actresses, and over the years, she has proved how talented she is. Today, Sandra Bullock celebrates her 57th birthday, and here are 3 must-watch movies that can be streamed on OTT platforms right now. Let's celebrate her birthday in a special way.

Bird Box

Bird Box is a very gripping thriller movie that has horror effects, spine-chilling scenes, and an emotional storyline. Sandra plays a mother of two kids in a world where you can never see because an invisible entity is making everyone take a path of suicide. Watch this movie on Netflix.


A sci-fi movie, streaming on Amazon Prime Video starring Sandra and George Clooney, revolves around two scientists who were left alone in space with only oxygen tanks after their ship gets wrecked. This flick got nominated for the Academy Awards.

The Proposal

Sandra Bullock plays a manipulative boss, and Ryan Reynolds plays a determined assistant in the movie 'The Proposal'. It can feel like one of those cliched rom-coms but trust me the actors took the leverage high up. Watch this movie on MX Player or Vudu.