Harnaaz Sandhu to star in Priyanka Chopra’s biopic? Here’s what Harnaaz had to say

Harnaaz Sandhu, the winner of Miss Universe 2021, has been an inspiration to millions of young women throughout the world. Harnaaz Sandhu, on the other hand, looks up to Priyanka Chopra Jonas, a Bollywood and Hollywood actress. In fact, Harnaaz Sandhu has indicated an interest in starring in Priyanka Chopra's biography. Priyanka has been an influence to her 'throughout her path,' she said in an interview.


Harnaaz was asked to choose a celebrity that she would like to play in a biopic. "Priyanka Chopra," Harnaaz said immediately. I'd be thrilled to be a part of it. I believe she has inspired me throughout her path, and I believe she will continue to inspire millions of people." Harnaaz's video from when she won Miss Diva 2021 has just gone viral. "I love Priyanka Chopra," Harnaaz is heard saying in the video. So whatever lessons I may take away from her are still valuable. As a result, Priyanka will always be my first choice."