Has Alia and Ranbir planned to postpone their wedding more than we expected?

It's been quite few months since Alia and Ranbir have made their relationship public. Ever since Alia has been promoting her film, Gangubai, she is being questioned on her marriage date. There were many rumors going around the couple planning to tie the knot last year in April but because of covid they postponed it. Now, professionally both the actors are busy with their respective films and it's promotion.

In an recent interview, Alia was asked about the her marriage again. The question revolved around the marriage rumors and her film. The host said, if she is bothered by the wedding rumors being more spoken about than her films. For this, the actress responded saying, "I always believe it should be led by feeling and it should be done at the right time whenever you feel comfortable, and by you, I mean by me and him individually." Other this, she also said that she can't remember a day when such things bothered her. She later concluded saying, "But all shall happen in due time and I promise you…or maybe I won't, it's too soon…that when I am getting married, the world will know."