Has Alia Bhatt's pregnancy put pressure on other celebrity couples to have kids?

No, not at all!

It was Alia's choice to be pregnant at this point and this does not mean that the other actresses also have to take this decision. We are living in 2022 and where the entire world is fighting for sexual and reproductive rights, how can we still expect that any married couple will have that pressure just because the other actresses are having a baby?

Being single, getting married, having kids, or getting a divorce should be a personal choice and not pressure in any case. With Alia Bhatt's announcement of her pregnancy, one thing is very clear we as an audience have kind of put our unreasonable expectations on our fav celebs to go according to our thinking. Alia and Deepika are living two separate lives and other than their films and acting careers I don't think the two need to compare each other's life w.r.t to the marriages of babies.

Deepika got married when she wanted to and the couple will have babies when they are ready or maybe not if they don't want to. There is NO pressure at all.