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Has Amazon Prime done a better job in India than Netflix?

Both Amazon Prime and Netflix came into India with the hopes of securing a large market. With a massive population here, it's no surprise that the streaming giants want to make a mark.

Ever since, they've both attempted to produce multiple series one after another and continue to be competitors. With the current scenario, viewership has increased tenfold. Netflix claims to have gained additional subscriptions in the 2020-2021 period alone. However, on some level, I feel that Prime has a stronger hold. It has gone a step ahead in producing quality content. I find that Netflix has barely done any research. While Sacred Games set the bar for good content in India, Netflix seems to have lost its touch. A lot of its shows are based on Indian marriages, and frankly, it's annoying now. We don't want an Indian Matchmaking or The Big Day. We've seen that concept rehashed multiple times on TV. Even Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives failed to amuse the audience.

What is Netflix India doing wrong?


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