Has Bollywood Finally Stopped Focusing On Unwanted Dance Numbers In Movies?

Do you all remember a few years back when having a grooving dance number had become important in movies? They were mostly performed by actresses with a list of hit dance songs in their name like Sunny Leone, Nora Fatehi, Malaika Arora Khan, Katrina Kaif etc. People used to wait to see which song and performance would be included in the upcoming movies. But did these songs actually add something to the movie plot? Hardly! They were there for mere entertainment purpose which did not include any story line requirement. Producers and makers need to spend a good fortune on these added aspects which make no real sense or add value to the storyline of the movie. Though the songs and hook steps go viral and hit, the main motto of having them in the first place remains senseless and just a show tag for makers. But recently, we have seen reduction in these dance numbers in movies! The songs that are inbuilt mostly include movie scenes and display either character development or story change. Do you think this is because more and more movies are now releasing on OTT and focusing on good content rather than having unwanted additions like dance songs and performances?