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Has the level of BLACKPINK songs gone down?

An all-out war broke out between fandoms when a twitter user claimed that BLACKPINK’s music style had been repetitive since the ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’ era.

And to be honest, we agree with the tweet, as the D4 era had been too monumental BP might have wanted to replicate the same fame with their future projects, unfortunately, this didn’t turn out well for them as it is reflecting on their discography badly.

If you played songs like, ‘How You Like That’, ‘Kill This Love’, and ‘Pretty Savage’ back to back, most people won’t be able to tell the difference. Even the Music Videos are scarily similar. It is giving off the vibe that BP doesn’t have much variety in their concept and it’s getting boring.

Should BLACKPINK rethink their strategy?


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