Has Neetu Kapoor revealed some 'inside information' on the first 15 days of Ralia after the wedding?

With so many new dates coming up till today, I'm confused as to when exactly is Ranbir and Alia planning to get married. As of now the new date that has been introduced is 15th April, 2022. Previously it was said that the couple is going to get hitched on 20th April. Until today whenever anyone from the bride or grooms family was seen only one question was asked and that was 'what is the exact wedding date?' and the family members were either denying it or they were introducing new dates for the wedding. Now according to the latest reports the wedding is going to be a Punjabi wedding. If reports are to be believed then it is said that the couple is going to take a 15 day break after the wedding. As per the Punjabi rituals Alia is going to perform all the rituals that a Kapoor daughter-in-law would do. Apart from this, the clos source to the couple has revealed, Going by the Punjabi tradition, bride and groom stay in one room for four days and there is a puja that they have to do every morning and on the fourth day, they take a bath and sit on a Satya Narayan puja and after that groom puts a red colour sindoor on the bride and takes a promise of forever. It seems like Ranbir and Alia might do all the tradition that happens in their culture. Neetu Kapoor is very particular about all the rituals and she cannot wait to welcome her bahu home."

Ranbir and Alia's wedding is going to be the biggest wedding of the year and one of the biggest wedding in Bollywood.