Has Ranbir Kapoor established the image of a smarter, talented star kid?

It's no doubt that Ranbir Kapoor is usually mentioned to counter the concept that star kids aren't talented. Arjun Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, amongst others haven't been able to gain the foothold that Ranbir has. And one of the reasons for that is the image he's built for himself.

While the more recent crop of star kids like Ananya Panday and Janhvi Kapoor have gone the other way by raking in their followers and fan base on social media, their image is more or less likened to the Kardashian clan. They've also opted for a more "relatable factor." Sonam Kapoor, who started out with Ranbir, has gone for a fashionista image and while that's a different category, she hasn't hit off well in acting.

Ranbir, with his off-beat film choices, and quieter presence has created the persona of a low profile star kid who is more invested in his craft - acting- and that's what has worked in his favour. Even when his films fail, it's attributed to factors like luck and poor screenplay instead of his acting. What do you think? Has Ranbir's image helped him establish a fan base and detach himself from the stereotypical star kid persona?