Has Shahrukh Khan asked Farhan to make Don 3 to revive his career?

With Pathaan and Jawan in the series, SRK fans will be delighted to know that Don's third installment is now in the works.

Yes, according to the latest report, Farhan Akhtar is preparing for the film and has begun shaping the role of SRK. A source close to development: "Don is a topic that everyone likes in Excel. The team has been trying to decipher and develop an idea for Don 3 for a while, but the same has been overshadowed over and over again. due to a lack of novelty factor. But the team has finally come up with an idea that is exciting and will take the franchise to the next level. Farhan has started writing the script and will give the narrative to his alias Don. SRK, once the scenario is blocked."

According to sources, Farhan discussed the idea of ​​Don 3 with his father Javed Akhtar (the original creator of Don (1978)). "As always, Don 3 is still in its infancy and the future of the project is probably what the script will be at the end, but yes, Farhan has started working on the Don 3 scripts. It has been confirmed. Unlike the last few attempts in Part 3, this idea was too exciting to give up and everyone around us is dedicating more than 100% to this project."


Are you looking forward to the movie?