Haseen Dillruba Review: Love, Lust, Deceit, Sacrifice- too many twists

Vinil Mathew's directorial murder mystery thriller Haseen Dillruba starring Vikrant Massey, Taapsee Pannu, and Harshvardhan Rane is currently streaming on Netflix. The film runs for 2 hours and 12 minutes and let me give you a heads up, the film might feel longer than that. So, be prepared.


The movie clearly hyped us all with its trailer and promotions but the outcome couldn't fulfil my expectation. The first 10 minutes might even leave you puzzled or irritated because there's a blast, a murder, a police investigation, straight jump cut to a chirpy song.


The story is simple Rani Kashyap (played by Taapsee Pannu) and Rishav aka Rishu (played by Vikrant Massey) tie their knot in an arranged marriage. Rishav falls head over heels for Rani but Rani wasn't satisfied enough. Then enters our handsome hunk, Neel Tripathi (Harshvardhan Rane), Rishav's cousin. Rani falls for him, gets sexually involved with him, and Neel? He flees away. At this point, a lot of things keep happening, and there's a constant mention of a writer Dinesh Pandit who writes criminal dramas.


The film is too slow but keeps the suspense till the end. Sometimes good, sometimes not as the protagonist Rani Kashyap keeps saying. The storytelling meanders a lot but why it was bearable to me because of the performance of the actors. Vikrant Massey deserves a special mention here. Taapsee Pannu did her part well too but I expected more from the film.


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