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Haseen Dillruba - An underwhelming thriller that fails to use it's full potential.

A gruesome murder, a suspect, the quest by police to find the murderer. Vinil Mathew's Haseen Dillruba is a mixture of romance and thrill tied together in 135 minutes of runtime. 

An introvert, shy guy Rishi marries a bold and beautiful city girl Rani. Their lives are shattered when Rishi's cousin Neel enters the picture. What follows next is a tale of love, lust and rage. Haseen Dillruba starts off by showing a murder and the non-linear story jumps back and forth to show the various incidents in the couples life. The film takes too much time to enter into the mainplot and the initial portions featuring Taapsee and Vikranth is a delightful watch. But Kanika Dhillon's writing lacks proper foundation thus things starts to fall out of place in the latter hour. 

The big climax which was supposed to astonish us lacks any punch and ends on a predictable note. The murder investigation ain't given much scope and the bland events keeps the play less entertaining. Among the promising faces it's Vikrant Massey who left us astounding with his brilliant act. He stole the entire show and sets the bar high till the end. Taapsee Pannu doesnt surprise and is at her usual meter. Harshvardhan Rane had no scope to make anything memorable and goes unnoticed. 

With a stellar cast and intriguing plotline Haseen Dillruba could've explored more. The film ain't that bad but a much better execution would've done more wonders. 


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