Hate by Dani Rovira Review: A Supremely Funny and Important Watch

Spanish Comedian Dani Rovira’s Netflix special ‘Hate’ was released on Netflix today. It was a 1 hour 22 minute stand up show which revolved around the central theme of famous people being, to quote, ‘so powerful and so vulnerable at the same time’.

Rovira, who was recently diagnosed with Cancer, and is a recent survivor of the Spanish Emergency declared due to the coronavirus, seems to be on an introspective journey after having turned 40. This is something that underlay a lot of his jokes throughout the show. While Rovira comedic speech timing had been impeccable, it was his actions and emphasis in voice modulation which seemed to have worked with the audience.

In the 80 minute show, jokes on a wide range of topics including soccer and Malaga’s failure in it, pets, the robotic nature of Madrid’s work culture, and the generation gap in dating and socialization were covered, with very subtle references to ongoing Spanish politics and religion. Lionel Messi seemed to be the hot topic of comedy, to whom the show was also dedicated. ‘Hate’ started off on Messi’s note and ended with his reference, along with callback references to him throughout the show.

‘Hate’ is important because of how entertaining it is whilst making you question norms, hate-culture and politics. For anyone interested in Spanish Comedy, this is top-notch content and must be on your priority watch-list. For those interested in comedy, this should be on your watchlist.

If you have watched ‘Hate’ by Dani Rovira, let us know what you thought in the comments below!