Have Jo Hwa-jin and Court Lady Choi met their end in the recent episodes of Mr. Queen?

The Queen calls Hwa-jin back to the palace to personally give her the news regarding the King’s fake death planned by Queen Sunwon and Byeong-in! Hwa-jin seems relieved and sheds tears of happiness. According to Seol In-ah’s IG, it looks like Hwa-jin has met her bittersweet end and there is nothing more to expect from her character. Well Court Lady Choi might crunch her nose pretty often at the Queen’s behaviour but she didn't flinch once before standing between death and the Queen! The Queen, Court Lady Choi and Hong Yeon embark on a quest in search of the King but unfortunately are attacked by Byeong-in’s soldiers. They showed no mercy towards Lady Choi! She is stabbed and ruthlessly kicked while she holds onto her dear life as well as the soldier’s leg while Hong Yeon and the Queen escape. I hope she returns to the palace alive because I wouldn’t want to miss The Queen, Court Lady Choi and Hong Yeon in their element for the very last time..