Have straight lashes? This innovative eyelash curler is all you need!

Have you ever gotten tried of loosing your old flimsy eyelash curler from time to time? Also, how do you separate the sticker together lashes? Well, I had the same issues with my previous lashes and so tries this advanced looking Seki Edge SS-600 Spot Lash Eyelash Curler. It actually looked so scientifically advance machine that you could not believe it is meant for your delicate eyelashes at first:)

You can curl micro section at a time with this amazing tool. Because usual eyelash curlers are a fixed shape, the corner of your eyelashes especially the outer corner can get kinked trying to get all the lashes in the opening to curl them. If you need the curl to stay longer use some natural hairspray or better, curling spray gel like Got to be brand, onto a q-tip onto your eyelashes before curling.

This is a great lash curler and does the job of sectionally curling those with eyelashes that stick straight out. It comes with replacements pad and is easy to clean. The handle allows for steady pressure to be applied. I'm already in love with this.