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Have you ever wondered why Vaseline is known as Petroleum Jelly?

Vaseline is known as petroleum jelly because it has the power to heal your skin and also to lock the moisture. It suits oily and dry skin. Vaseline is purely made from petroleum jelly which contains microcrystalline wax and minerals.


So here are few benefits of Vaseline:

Dewy Cheekbones – Take the bit of Vaseline petroleum jelly and just mix with the cream blush. Apply it to your cheeks to get a dewy shine.


Get Rid of Dry Skin – Vaseline has hydrating properties for your dry skin. By applying this, you can solve your problems of irritation and itchiness.


Chapped Lips – When lips lose their moisture, they become chapped and dry. Vaseline acts as a hydrating agent for the lips.


Tame Eyebrows – Vaseline can be used on eyebrows to keep them clean and soft. Apply Vaseline before going to bed.


Grow Your Lashes – Vaseline has moisturizing properties which help to grow your lashes and also makes the skin around your eyelids soft and smooth.


To Remove Makeup – Take a cotton pad with some Vaseline and gently remove your makeup. It will not only help to remove the extra dirt but also it will make your skin supple and soft. This is a very affordable and effective way to remove your makeup.


Glossy Lips – Mix the Vaseline with your matte lipstick and it will give you a glossy lip.  


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