HBDJen: Fav Jennifer Aniston moments from 'Friends'

Jennifer Aniston turned 52 yesterday and the internet was flooded with wishes for the actress. She took to her Instagram and shared a small poem titled ‘The Layers’ by Stanley Kunitz on her story, expressing her want to bring about change in her country and in the world. It has been 27 years since the world first saw Jen Aniston as Rachel Green but the character just doesn’t leave our minds. Here are some of our favourite moments of her from ‘Friends’:

1. ‘Maybe I don’t need your money… Wait, wait, I said maybe…’

2. ‘Everybody around me is either getting married or getting pregnant or getting promoted, and I am getting coffee… and it’s not even for me.’

3. ‘Oh I’m sorry… did my back hurt your knife?’

4. ‘Okay, no uterus, no opinion.’

5. ‘I’m gonna go, get one of those job things…’

6. ‘Oh my God! I’m my father. I’ve been trying so hard not to become my mother… I did not see this coming.’

7. ‘That’s a great story… Could you tell it while getting me some iced tea?’

Let us know your favourite moments in the comments below!