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Heard About The Oil Cleansing Challenge Trend? Know all about it in my latest post!

The latest hack to go viral is the TikTok 15-minute oil cleansing challenge, which involves (yep, you guessed it), cleansing your skin for 15 minutes with an oil.


I saw a very famous blogger try this on her insta reel and was amazed at the results she showed on her video. The method of oil cleansing resulted in oil or sebum plugs coming out from her pores. These get formed when oil and dead skin cells get trapped in the pores! This act of massaging the oil into your skin leaves skin looking clearer and less congested!


However, there are many skin experts that suggest not to try this as natural facial oil acts as the glue keeping your skin barrier intact, keeping water in and pollution out. Over-cleansing in this way could actually disrupt this barrier. While some experts say that this can be done once and be treated as a one-off luxury spa treatment and not on a regular basis.


After reading about it in multiple articles I don’t think I am going to take the chance to disturb my natural skin barrier.


What about you guys? Are you going to try this? In case you plan to do make sure that you use * Noncomedogenic oils! * only!


Have any further questions about this? Ask me in the comment section below. 


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