From "The Heirs" To "Uncontrollably Fond" 3 times Kim Woo-bin stole our hearts

We just can't keep the calm anymore to see Kim Woo-bin again to steal the show with his suave as he has done so many times. As we are all waiting for Kim Woo-bin, who is expected to make a comeback soon with a new drama after a long hiatus of four years due to his health concerns, let's take a flashback to the times when he stole our hearts, shall we?

  1. The Heirs: One of the obvious picks on the list. We all never thought that we are going in as a fan of Lee Min-ho, but will return as an admirer of Kim Woo-bin. His charm, aura, manliness and bad guy looks, we fell in love with everything. Most of us were introduced to him through this classic, and then we never stopped cheering for him.
  2. School 2013: Only die-hard Woo-bin fans have watched this one. A show based on two best friends who were separated due to an incident. This drama showed me the range of Woo-bin as an actor. He simply nailed the portrayal of this troubled, wounded, aimless teen who has lost his only best friend.
  3. Uncontrollably Fond: Let's be honest, we all have bawled over this drama. We all knew what will happen in the end, and yet we cried for days. Woo-bin portrayed the role of a megastar who is suffering from cancer. And this show has personally become close to me because, call it destiny, the story became real when Kim Woo-bin announced the news of him suffering from cancer right after this drama ended. It broke us all into pieces.

Thankfully, Kim Woo-bin is back all healthy and fit. Soon, he will also return stronger and better with his new ventures. Till then, let's just revisit these shows and reminisce those times.

Which drama introduced you to Kim Woo-bin?