The "Hellbound" trailer is out - Will it be another ground-breaking masterpiece after "Squid Game"?

Netflix has dropped the trailer of the highly awaited drama "Hellbound" starring Yoo Ah-in and Park Jeong-min among others. And, we just can not keep our calm.


Hellbound is based on a webtoon of the same name and it is set in a fantasy version of earth where mysterious creatures suddenly appear to condemn people to hell. This survival thriller will be released on Netflix, and it is already creating a lot of buzz as it is being released right after the huge success of "Squid Game". Will it be able to surpass "Squid Game" in terms of popularity? All the eyes will be on it.


The trailer reveals that the story will be dealing with cult, religion, ignorance and killings. Yoo Ah-in is particularly someone, I am looking forward to. Not only is he an absolute gem of an actor, but also he looks promising as a cult leader.


One doubt that I do have is regarding CGI, I am not convinced with the way CGI is shown in the trailer, but I hope it wouldn't ruin the show. Also, K-dramas often leave many loopholes in the story, so I do wish we get past those previous conceptions and get to see an out and out amazing thriller.


Do you think it will be another ground-breaking masterpiece?


Check the trailer below!