Henry becomes the next target of netizens' backlash - When will this series of unnecessary hatred end?

As we all are aware of the ongoing cultural tensions between the two countries, China and South Korea. Henry Lau is now at the receiving end of the backlash. The Canadian singer of Chinese origin is under fire for deleting the demeaning comments on China from his YouTube channel but not deleting the comments which are demeaning to South Korea. On one hand, where Korean celebrities are being bashed for defending their country, Chinese idols are getting hatred for supporting China. Personalities like Park Shin-hye, RM and Hwasa have already been at the receiving end of hatred and Henry is just another target of it. 

After the netizens noticed this, they started to question Henry's nationality, "I thought he was Canadian," and many expressed their disappointment in the singer, "I'm so disappointed in him," "I mean why didn't he delete both comments - the ones demeaning China and demeaning Korea? Why did he leave the negative comments about Korea up?", "I guess China pays him well."  

Although, many netizens came in his support and defended him afterwards by commenting, "Do these people think Henry is sitting by his computer reading and deleting all those comments by himself? Lol", someone commented "Canada has free speech, China has censorship. He's not personally MODERATING the comment section. He probably doesn't even read it." 

Well, we can not deny the fact that it's not Henry who is personally deleting these comments. I personally feel this is just another series of unnecessary hate where people are dragging the artists and holding them responsible for something that is out of their power. Do you agree?