Here are the 5 Nostalgic Iconic Indian Shows That Made Our Childhood Better!

These are the 5 nostalgic Indian shows that made everyone’s childhood better. They are responsible for making us laugh, cry, dream of impossible things and most of all, create beautiful memories.

1. Shakalaka Boom Boom - The show is based on a young boy, Sanju who finds a magical pencil which can bring the things drawn by it to life. The merchandise of the show was so popular in the Indian market that almost every child had a magical pencil and dreamt for the day to come when our drawings came to life.

2.Shaktimaan - Shaktimaan is the desi superhero who will always be a part of every Indian millennials’ childhood. An ordinary man, Gangadhar gains superpowers that turns him into a superhuman, Shaktimaan who protects the mankind by fighting the forces of evil.

3.Office Office - The family comedy show focuses on a common man’s struggle to get his work done in corrupt offices. The show tackled serious issues within our country while keeping it light-hearted and fun to watch. The show still remains to be one of the best television comedy series of India till date.

4.Sarabhai vs Sarabhai - Another comedic masterpiece of Indian Television series is Sarabhai vs Sarabhai. With a stellar cast, the show about the dysfunctional family never failed to make the audience laugh with its classy humour.

5.Shaharat-Thoda Jaadu, Thodi Nazaakat - The Indian fantasy series was definitely full of magic. The show focuses on the life of Jiya, who finds out that she belongs to a family of fairies on her 18th birthday. Jiya learns how to use her magical powers properly with the help of her mother and grandmother. Am I the only one who still remembers the theme song and magic mantra of the show?

Did you like the list? Please comment down below if we missed out on any of your favourites!