Here are my best moments of 2021!Tell us yours in the comments down below...

 As the year’ about to come to an end and we have had a year of ups and downs, where once the OTT rose to a new height with great content & at the same time theatres had the filmiest comeback when everyone thought that cinemas were on death bed!

So here are my best moments of 2021-

When theatres restarted on a very light tone in 2021! However, Bollywood hesitated big time to release any of the big flicks except a few releases like Mumbai Saga & Roohi, however, it was still pleasant to witness them in the theatre!


Zack Snyder getting his Justice with Justice league!

When fans over the billion-dollar studios and got the much-awaited Snyder cut and it was nothing but one of the best superhero films and the kind of Justice League film we all deserved!


No Cinemas? No Problem Marvel will still rule!

After major success in films all these years, everyone had to halt their films, however, Marvel came out with shows which brought their side-lined characters in the limelight with amazing storylines!


Family Man Season 2-

Oh my my… what can I say about this spy-drama thriller which came back with an even more heightened stake! If there’s anything that tops my favorite show (The family Man) it’s The Family Man S2!


Films we didn’t know we deserved on the OTT platforms-

Whether it was Shershah, Dhamaka, Jai Bhim, or Sardar Udham Singh which won over us with their great content and proved to us even if the theatres are down due to the pandemic, there’s no way cinema won’t have their shine! These are just a few examples that are on top of my mind!


Theatres Rise from the Dead!

Probably this was one of my favorite moments of the year when theatres rose again! Special thanks to the makers of Sooryavanshi for take an effort to restart cinemas in Mumbai! However, films like ShangChi, F9, Black Widow, No Time to Die, Bell Bottom, and a lot of others were finally released after a long wait and we got to enjoy it the way we originally had to!


Daniel Craig bids Goodbye to James Bond!

Hands-down my favorite 007 will always be Daniel Craig, with the realism he bought with his set of films always will be my classics! However, the way he ended his saga with No time to die like no other, was legendary! It’s still heart-breaking but joyful for me to see him gracefully leave his era of James Bond, the next one definitely has huge shoes to fill!


Witnessing the victory of 1983 on the big screen-

One of the greatest & most fresh cinematic experiences of my head, as I saw the film in the theatre last night, was nothing but amazing and filled with chills! The cast, direction, cinematography, scripting were all top-notch!


Bollywood Masala returns with Sooryavanshi

How much ever we bad-mouth masala entertainers, we can’t deny the fact we surely do enjoy it! I mean Akshay, Ranveer, and Ajay giving us a scene where we couldn’t stop whistling & laughing with a packed theatre is exactly what we call a typical Bollywood movie experience!


Leaving the best for the last cause it includes Spoilers, yes I’m pretty sure you know which film I’m talking about… so if you haven’t watched the greatest Superhero film then turn back! ...

and the final of the list….


The Spidermen return-

 When Andrew Garfield & Tobey Maguire returned to reprise their roles in Spiderman: No Way Home, was the loudest theatre I’ve ever been in since Avengers: Endgame! They did the impossible and filled all of us with Nostalgia and gave us something we never knew could be something more than a theory on the internet! A big thank you to Sony/Marvel for making this happen.