Here are some unconventional Bollywood pairs that looked extremely good on-screen!

Here are 3 unconventional Bollywood pairs that managed to steal everyone’s hearts!


1.Tumhari Sulu: Vidya Balan and Manav Kaul The chemistry between this on-screen couple in the movie was extraordinary. Manav Kaul did such a commendable job to portray his character in such a real and natural way. No other actor could have complimented Vidya as beautifully as he did.


2. Piku: Irrfan Khan and Deepika Padukone We were fully aware about how talented these two actors were individually but the magic they created together on-screen was phenomenal. This unexpected pairing surely left their imprint in the audience’s heart.


3. Wake Up Side: Ranbir Kapoor and Konona Sen Sharma This is one of my favourite movies and the perfect casting of the characters made the movie so much better. Konkona and Ranbir are not the ideal Bollywood pair but I believe that is what made the movie more relatable and realistic to the masses.


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