Here’s why Aryan Khan SHOULD NOT be an Actor

Shahrukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan was spotted outside Yashraj studios on Friday. The news has broken like wildfire on social media and the speculation game has begun. While nothing can be confirmed as of now, it seems that Aryan Khan might not follow the conventional route of becoming an assistant director or actor, here’s why.

In 2019, when SRK had appeared in David Letterman’s talk show, he also discussed about his son’s career ambition where he mentioned that his son (Aryan) does not have what it takes to be an actor, rather is a 'good writer'. And turns out, it was Aryan himself who walked to his father to express that he does not want to be an actor, he thinks that people would start comparing him with his superstar father and that, he did not want to get into that position ever. However, Aryan’s friend and actress Ananya Panday thinks that Aryan is very creative and hopes that he becomes an actor.

Well, if Aryan does not wish to be an actor and if he is not confident enough, he should probably stick to what suits him best. Comment down your thoughts.