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Here’s Why You Should Keep a Close Tab on Other Ailments During Lockdown

This one is from my personal experience, so thought of sharing it with you all. Last year in March 2020, novel coronavirus had started hitting India. To avoid cases soaring any higher, the Indian government imposed a strict lockdown in the entire country starting from the last week of March.

One fine evening in April 2020, while I and my family were locked inside our home and working individually, my father fell from his chair in front of my mother - he lost his vision partially and we could not comprehend what he was trying to speak. We realised that it was a brain stroke. As he was serious, we had to get him admitted immediately to a hospital but due to COVID, there were no ICU beds available. We live in Mumbai so forget about ICU beds, we were having a tough time arranging an ambulance as well. It was also quite scary to visit a hospital during a Pandemic, you know why.

Fortunately, things fell in place at the right time and we could bring him back home after a week of hospitalisation. For your information, even I had to hospitalise myself with my father because of COVID protocols. I was under isolation till my father tested COVID negative for further treatment.

What I learned from all of this -

1. We should not neglect our health, you never know what is going on inside your body.

2.Eat your meals right on time, exercise and hydrate your body frequently.

3. We know that times are tough, yet I request you to find a silver lining out of the dark situation that we are in and let’s try and keep a positive mindset, especially during the Pandemic.

Trust me, you would not want yourself or your family member to fall sick while a worldwide pandemic has hit your country.


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