Here is why is the comeback season harmful for the idols.

Fans love the comeback season, but it's actually a period when idols go harsh on themselves by not eating. We already know the strict and extreme diet our idols follow but is it really necessary? For instance, Jungkook survived only on water for five days during 'Butter' shoot. Imagine you are drinking only water and practicing hard for the comeback. It is scarier than it sounds. Remember when Jimin also starved himself during the Wings era to lose his cheek fat? Twice's Momo ate ice, Gugudan's Mina drank sparkling water to lose pounds and IU lost 5 kgs in 5 days by just having an apple, two sweet potatoes and a protein shake to survive for the day. This makes me sad because obviously it's difficult to resist the temptation when you are hungry, moreover it's harmful to skip your meals. They might look perfectly fit to you but their body is damaged internally because of these extreme diets.