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Here's what Bollywood needs to learn from the legendary filmmaker Satyajit Ray on his 100th Birth Anniversary!

On the 100th birth anniversary of India's most renowned filmmaker, Satyajit Ray, let's see what Bollywood must learn from him!

Understand your art first: Though he had started his career as an Ad Man, he grew up watching numerous Hollywood films. Even his work trips included of him understanding international cinema as he spared some time from his advertising work. After he had fully understood the process, he embarked on the journey of creating films.

Take inspiration, don't remake: He was inspired by French Neo Realist cinema, which focused on human emotions and daily life. These stories talked about people we see in day to day life and not some superhero with a cape. Bollywood's love for commercial masala films also signifies its ignorance towards art films. It's high time we create meaningful stories which resonate with audience.

Good scripts are important: Ray did not proceed with filming till he found the perfect script. He made sure that his scripts were perfect and detailed. He wrote his scripts in English for his non-Bengali art director, Bansi Chandragupta even before writing them in Bengali. I don't think Bollywood keeps 'script' as a priority while making films.

So today, let's binge watch Ray's Apu Trilogy, a masterclass in itself!


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