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Here's Who Can Play Marvel Superheroes From Bollywood

Since all the big celebs are playing spies and superheroes in their upcoming movies. I wanted to put out my list of Bollywood celebs who could potentially play Marvel superheroes-

1. Iron Man- Shahrukh Khan of course. There is no one else in Bollywood who has the charisma, sarcasm and humor that is needed for the character of Tony Stark.

2. Captain America- Ranbir Kapoor as the first original superhero would be perfect. He has the lean but muscled body for the look.

3. Thor- Salman Khan or Hrithik Roshan? Salman because he has that vibe where he commands power. Hrithik because his looks could really match the role.

4. Wonder Woman- Katrina Kaif would be super cool to watch as a Russian spy with insane fighting skills.

5. Hulk- Vicky Kaushal has that smart but aggressive look to him, I feel he could do well as Hulk.

6. Doctor Strange- Aamir Khan because he is super intellectual and Doctor Strange is the smartest.

7. Spiderman- Ishaan Khatter is perfect, because spiderman is the young college student turned superhero that can be goofy at times. He could do this role well.

These are just some options I thought of, who do you think should play which character?


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