Here's why 'Disband Mnet' is trending after ATEEZ's appearance at "2021 MAMA" & "Kingdom: Legendary War"

The popular South Korean entertainment channel, Mnet is receiving massive backlash after the way ATEEZ was mistreated at "2021 MAMA" & "Kingdom: Legendary War" After that, #Disband_Mnet or #RESPECTATEEZ began to trend as one of the Atinys made a list of all the instances when ATEEZ was mistreated by MNET.

The final straw for fans must have been when ATEEZ was not even nominated for a single award despite being called 'Performance Kings.' It all began in early 2021 when ATEEZ was screamed at, were not informed properly about the venues and events during the MNET's reality shows, they were also given the smallest makeup room during the "Kingdom" shoot. From not being given comfortable seats during the 'Kingdom' era to having the rhythm of their performance changed, the thread of disrespectful actions continued.

During Ateez’s ‘Rhythm Ta’ performance on 'Kingdom' their names were mistaken, their positions were mixed and one of the members' names was completely left out during the introduction. Moreover, the member San was referred to as the 'main dancer' instead of 'vocalist' as well as was labelled with the wrong group name, THE BOYZ San. It was also pointed out by ATEEZ Yeosang that the mics were also not working at MAMAs.

Well, the fans pointed out that the same kind of treatment was endured by TXT as well at "2021 MAMAs." Their speeches were cut and the camerawork was not done properly during their performance. However, as generous as ATEEZ could, they gave their best and did not take it to their heart. Nevertheless, it is not new that new K-pop groups are mistreated badly, probably this was the reason why groups such as Wanna One, X1 and IZ*ONE disbanded after MNET manipulated their TV show "Produce."

What are your views on the mistreatment of K-pop groups?