Here's why I don't trust IIFA Awards:

When films do well, they deserve to be appreciated. The appreciation comes in a form of awards. In my opinion, there are certain award shows that are not completely fair with their awards. Most of the time, the singer, the film, or the actor who deserves the award the most does not receive it because someone else who is more famous and loved than them receives it. At the moment IIFA awards are taking place in Abu Dhabi. IIFA awards are otherwise known as 'International Indian Film Academy Awards '. It is considered to be the second biggest award night in India. Since my childhood I have grown up watching these award shows with my family. There are certain things I don't agree with. As years have passed by, I have stopped trusting IIFA awards. Here's a list of reasons why I don't trust IIFA awards:

  1. It's scripted - I mean how many ever times the celebs disagree, we all know somewhere or the other, these awards are scripted. They're never honest.
  2. Never understood why IIFA does not recognize other celebrities except Bollywood. I mean today, numerous celebrities are more talented and yet this big award show forgets to recognize these stars.
  3. It's the same old people winning the awards and hosting the award night. Almost every day there are so many stars emerging who also deserve to win yet we hear the same old names receiving an award. Apart from this, hosting the award night is always done by five actors/directors repeatedly.

Honestly, now I'm bored of watching these award shows knowing it's going to be biased.