Here's why Jisoo refused to sing the OST "Friend" for "Snowdrop"

BLACKPINK Jisoo shared that she was asked to sing the OST "Friend" for her drama "Snowdrop" opposite Jung Hae-in, however, she refused to sing it. Recently she explained the reason behind this decision which was that she didn't want to intertwine her image of the idol with her drama. If she had sang the OST, the viewers would not have been able to focus on the drama. She wanted to separate her idol image from her character Young-ro. While many idols do not mind to give their voice for their dramas, this decision of Jisoo actually gained applaud from the fans.


She also added that the decision was well respected by her director. "Snowdrop" ended last week and left many viewers shattered with its sad ending. Despite the controversies, the drama had a loyal fansbase throughout its run, and it also became a huge success worldwide as it also ran on Disney+ simultaneouly.


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