Here's why LOL: Hasse Toh Phasse is the show everyone needs to watch ASAP even if it's filled with bad jokes!

Amazon Prime Video India released a reality show called LOL: Hasse Toh Phasse last week, featuring Boman Irani, Arshad Warsi along with famous comedians of the modern times, and I knew it wouldn't be the GOAT comedy reality show. The teasers of this show looked cringy and were filled with weird forced jokes. There was no inspiration for me to watch this show as soon as it was released on prime video. Well, the past few days have been difficult for everyone in our country as the news and reports have been focused on the darker sides of our reality. With nothing light and breezy to watch, except FRIENDS, I thought of giving this new show a shot. Yes, it was as I expected it to be from the trailers and teasers. There were some bad, forced and scripted jokes. Also, who expects a reality show to be real? So, I knew what I have signed up for. The concept of the show is- all the participants have to stay in a lockdown for six hours without laughing, while trying to make others laugh, and the last one to laugh will win whooping 25 lakh rupees. If you watch it as a proper 'show', you will keep yourself busy finding the faults. I chose to go with the flow and didn't attempt to find any logic in the show, just like the participants. Honestly, if you do this, then you will laugh even on the worst jokes and that's exactly what we need at this moment. We need to laugh! Seriously! Also, there are some amazing spontaneous jokes which will crack you up, so it's definitely not a bad show.