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Here's why more celebs should join Deepika Padukone in spreading Mental Health Awareness during COVID-19.

After the reports of Deepika Padukone and her family testing positive for novel coronavirus broke out, wishes for the actress and her family have started pouring in. Currently, she is with her family in Bangalore and her father has been hospitaled after being affected by the virus. Two days ago, the actress started providing her followers with mental health support helpline details. Just like Alia Bhatt, Bhumi Pednekar, Sonu Sood etc., even Padukone has decided to do her bit. In this negative environment, everyone is trying to find a ray of hope. While we all are battling the second wave of pandemic, mental health is definitely a matter of concern. More the people are losing lives, more the others are losing hope. This step by Deepika, to provide mental health assistance in these gloomy times, should be followed by others who hold influential power. Let us not differentiate between physical and mental health as worsening of any of these will affect us. What other celebs can do is collaborate with a trustable firm to provide COVID-19 related assistance. The recent example is actress Alia Bhatt collaborating with Faye D'Souza to provide verified information about availability of beds, ambulances and oxygen cylinders. Let's hope for a collective effort from all the celebs to fight these tough times.

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