Here's why 'Penthouse' fame Na So-ye is banned from appearing in dramas and carrying entertainment activities

Actress Na So-ye has been banned from carrying out any entertainment activity and appearing in dramas. The actress who played the role of the fake daughter of Lee ji-ah in 'Penthouse' was banned by her agency, Name Value Stars, who recently filed an injunction against Na So-ye demanding her to discontinue any such activity.

The reason behind it has turned to be Na So-ye carrying out her own activities, such as personally deciding on appearing in advertisements. This was done without the approval or knowledge of her agency, thus, violated the exclusive contract she signed with her agency.

The agency received a decision from the court on December 9th on the matter, the court said, “Na So-ye should not push ahead with entertainment activities other than her agency Name Value Stars.”

Do you think Na So-ye will continue with her agency after this incident?