Here's why TVXQ's Changmin recent album's sales may have dropped by 75%

TVXQ Changmin recently made his comeback with his new mini-album "Devil" but despite high anticipation, the album met with poor sales. The album is performing well on iTunes charts but in sales, it couldn't even cross the mark of 15000 copies, which is a drop of over 75% than his first album's sales that sold over 60,000 copies.

This left netizens in shock, there were days when the album sold about 100 copies only. Fans couldn't stop but speculate what could be the possible reason behind the drop of drastic 75% in the sales. Many speculated that the idol has gotten married due to which many fans have left his fandom, and therefore, is reflected in the sales as well. Although his wedding news didn't get many negative reactions, unlike EXO's Chen, there are chances that fans are now sceptic about continuing to be a part of his fandom.

However, these are mere speculations, the reasons could also be lacking promotions or below par album. Anyway, we can not forget what happened when EXO's Chen announced his wedding, he was demanded to be thrown out of the group, proving the extremities of a fandom. The case could be the same here since fans live in this delusional state where they believe an idol belongs to them only, and once they get married that delusion is shattered. Do you agree with my thoughts?