Here's why veteran actress Youn Yuh-jung threw away 'Pachinko' script

Every K-drama fan has seen actress Youn Yuh-jung at least once in a darma. The veteran actress recently opened up about her reaction to when she was first asked to give an audition for the upcoming Apple TV+ series 'Pachinko', she remarked, "It didn't make sense for me to audition when I've been acting for decades", she further explained;

"If I had auditioned for the role and they said 'we don't think you're suitable for it,' then our industry would say things like 'Youn failed the audition.' I wouldn't lose my 50-year career for this one role, so I threw out the eight scripts I received by my front door."

Not to forget, established actors auditioning for a role is not a norm in South Korea, unlike America. However, the production cleared the misunderstanding and asked her to participate in the drama. Meanwhile, Korean superstar Lee Min-ho did go through the four rounds of audition to get the role. Isn't that inspiring? What do you think of this?