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Hey Bollywood, Glorified Stalking Is Not Funny! Feat. Chaman Bahaar

Stalking just like any other trend in movies is such a hit formula. Boy likes girl but the girl is kind of conservative type and totally not wanting a relationship but the boy is relentless and 'extremely romantic', so what does he do? He'll stalk her. He'll stalk her till she says yes! And they lived happily ever after. Sound familiar? Well this is basically the synopsis of every other romantic Bollywood movie. Also, it shows stalking as something cute, funny and romantic which is simply stupid. Stalking is never ever cute or romantic. It is creepy and scary.

Take Chaman Bahaar, the 2020 romantic comedy on Netflix, for instance. A man struggling to make ends meet, opens a new Paan shop but his life takes a 360 degree turn when a beautiful girl moves in across the road and he secretly starts falling for her beauty. Now he along with the gang of teenagers in the area stalks her to death, right from her school to her dog walk or even when she is drying her hair in the balcony. And for the most part, the movie potrays this as something funny. Like it's a normal thing to make a school going teenager becoming the object of unwanted attention.

And it is not until the end that Jitendra as Billu realises his mistake. Thank God for that! But now it's too late to matter. I mean the kind of impact that these kind of movies tend to have on the minds of people is really scary. There have been several cases reported where stalkers end up committing crimes by driving inspiration from these movies. Now it can be argued that these are purely commercial movies but Stalking Is Wrong, not funny or cute. And it should remain as such.


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