Himesh Reshammiya OG: 3 Mn Views in 6 Hours, Which Was Your Fav Himesh Song Growing Up?

I don't know what to make of this but can we all admit that Himesh Reshammiya is an impossible entity to avoid? He's been mocked, ridiculed, loved, chased but he's never been ignored. Of course he went overboard with a lot of his stuff back in 2000s but Himesh Reshammiya enjoyed a rage that many in the world can only dream of.


The first time I heard Aashiq Banaya Aapne, I did feel something absolutely new had landed. But more than Himesh the singer, I have liked Himesh the composer. At a time when a splurge of music directors were making their mark, Himesh stood out with albums like Tere Naam and Aitraaz.


He was never meant to be an actor and he never even should have become one. Had he chosen to allow his singing take a back seat and continued making music and occassionally singing, Himesh would have still been relevant. Or maybe he still is?


What's your favourite Himesh Reshammiya song?