The Holy Grail Product!

Minimalist’s 2% Salicylic Acid Serum.

I don’t like to write the pros and cons of the product, it’s for you to decide. I’ll just put down what my personal experience is and if I’m recommending it. Other, details like ingredient list and features will be on the carousel. My experience – I’ve been using this since March. I use this twice a week. The reason I started using a salicylic acid is I had to stay out for long hours and I couldn’t open my mask for 6-7 hours except for drinking water or eating. I started to get acne and also some whiteheads in my under-eye area, cheeks, it was rough to touch, then I bought this serum and started using twice a week, when I don’t use tretinoin. I got really good results, the whiteheads disappeared in a week. I had some blackheads around my nose area, that too cleared up after a month of using, and it works wonders on my acne. Also, I noticed visible reduction on the pores. Whenever I’m getting a new acne I reach for it. I highly recommend this to the ones who are suffering from acne, whiteheads and blackheads. Would I buy it again? YES!!! Disclaimer - This product contains aloe vera juice as base, which I find very attractive but if anyone has any allergies from aloe vera, do a patch test. Otherwise, everyone should do a patch test before using any products. Not every product suits everyone. If it suits you, use it. Here, I shared my personal experience, which is in no way influenced by anything but is based solely on my experience.