Home : A sweet, pleasant family drama with full of life and heart.

A home is where we all are in our true self. We feel secured, connected and loved in those four walls. Rojin Thomas's Home takes us into a home filled with love, compassion and misunderstandings.

Technology has not only created a new space but also separated us. They make us connect with people/places far away but we forget about the ones beside us. There's a void these technologies create even in our closed spaces and home beautifully talks about those voids amongst us. The protagonist Oliver and his sweet family are none other than our own reflection. The quarrel, love, and compassion they share is so natural that we start seeing ourselves in them. The proceedings the family goes through are so relatable that we could feel their emotions. Home is like a breath of fresh air, with unadulterated laughs and thought provoking moments it holds our attention. We feel empathized, moved by happenings on screen and at the end they leave us with a happy smile on our face.

Home is an outcome of some brilliantly etched out performances. Indrans as the protagonist Oliver is so refreshing and genuine. He behaves like a confused yet loving father and stuns us with his majestic performance. Sreenath Bhasi, Naslen K Gafoor, Manju Pillai make a thumping impression in this family drama. Johnny Anthony is a delight and his humorous act will tickle your bones for sure. Despite its set of visible flaws, home keeps you invested in this father-son enchanting relationship.

Amidst all the gory, bloodbath going on right now in Mollywood home keeps you warm throughout its journey. It makes you rethink your decisions, and makes you aware about your loved ones. A pleasantly carved out feel-good ride full of heart and life. Watch it with your loved ones.