Honest Review : Jumanji Welcome To The Jungle, An absurd and tiring fantasy.

I love my job because I love watching movies. Correction I do not love all sorts of movies specially the ones that force you to dumb yourself down, make you cringe and regret the time spent. Yes you guessed it right! I did recently spent 2 hours of my life on watching Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle. So here's an honest review of the same or let's just put it as one of my most ambitious work to help mankind as a whole.

The Story

I won't call it a story but if that's is what one would call it. There a video game. You plug into it and the next thing you know is you're into it, as one of characters. Okay let me laugh a bit!! Yeah and then you sort of complete a mission and you're some. Meanwhile you three lives to spare so if you die after that you die in the real world too. And I thought Kalank was bad!

The Performances

Dwayne the mighty Johnson is pretty much doing the same thing he's been doing for like 10 years now. Rest of the cast, you won't be seeing any sooner so don't stress over it. But the only shining armour here is Kevin Hart. His dialogue delivery and his amazing comic sense is like no other.

Disclaimer: Do not watch this movie if a) It's a weekend b) You are a serious drama lover and c) You loved The Rock once.

For the rest of who my best wishes are with you.

What's your view on this highly forgettable flick? Tell me in the comments section below