"Hotel Del Luna" to "Goblin": 5 times the drama leads were inspired by Korean legends

One of the unique aspects of k-dramas is that we get to see many out of the box ideas which are unusual and surprising to many international viewers. One such element is that many times drama leads are inspired by mythical legends that Koreans used to read as children, for ex. Goblin, Gumiho, Grim Reaper etc. Let's take at those dramas!

  1. Goblin: Goblin in itself is a well-celebrated show. A story of a 1000-year-old Goblin who is in the search of his wife in order to get free from his age-old curse. An unusual character that took the whole television by storm.
  2. The legend of a Blue Sea: In this drama, the female lead is shown as a mermaid who has fallen in love with a human. Inspired by the famous myth where if the mermaid doesn't find her true love, she will slowly lose all her powers if not returned to the water in time. Jun Ji-hyun played the role of a mermaid like a Goddess setting many trends with her variety of looks.
  3. My girlfriend is a Gumiho: This one is a classic, starring Shin Min-ah in the role of a nine-tailed fox. Based on the myth where a fox, if lived more than 1000 years, will turn into a beautiful woman which will lure men to their doom.
  4. Hotel Del Luna: Here the lead is not portrayed as a legend themselves but one of the episodes revolves around the Mul Gwishin (Water ghost). A myth based on bodies left in Han river. They tend to drag more people in the water as they had a lonely death. It was a horrifying and one of the most disturbing portrayals amalgamated with emotions. A must watch!

Have you seen these dramas yet? If not, check them out asap!