How Adarsh Gourav's Talent Was Ignored In My Name Is Khan

Adarsh Gourav has been acclaimed internationally for his performance in Netflix's film, The White Tiger. He is being showered with praises and people can't stop pointing the fact that how more outsiders need to enter Bollywood to enrich its value. However, he had given an equally amazing performance in Shah Rukh Khan starrer, My Name Is Khan (2010). In fact, he played the role of young Rizwan Khan, which is SRK's character in the film.

India does have a huge collection of such actors who get lost in the crowd, even if they have been giving their best. Hardly, one or two are able to break this chain, just like our white tiger, Adarsh. If you think about it, you may understand that, if it was any other starkid at Adarsh's place in My Name Is Khan, he would have immediately rose to infinite fame. So, when they keep on claiming that Bollywood is just about opportunity and talent, Adarsh had both, yet it took years for him to get where he is now. So, Bollywood needs to stop explaining and start working towards getting more talented outsiders in this industry.

Watch this clip from My Name Is Khan and witness Adarsh's gripping performance: