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How Aditya Roy Kapoor Once Stole Ranveer Singh's GF!! Poor Ranveer!

Have you guys heard of the Neha Dhupia Chat Show? Well she does run a chat show by the name, No Filter Neha and some celebs occasionally do visit her over in exchange for some free beverages! Apparently one time the Simmba Star Ranveer had come to the show and claimed that Aditya Roy Kapoor once stole his girlfriend during their old school days! Bad Boy Aditya!

Now who was this girl, there is no clear confirmation but what we do know is that Aditya who recently visited the show completely denied the allegations. According to him the Simmba star was just being dramatic(tell me about it!) when he made that statement. He, however, told Neha on her chat show, "Maybe, I didn’t know how he felt." Further stating that he is not a "girlfriend stealer", Aditya clarified that Ranveer was dating this girl in question and then later broke up with her. "And only around eight months after that, did I start seeing her."

I'm just curious to know who this poor soul was, she must be having some real financial problems!

Who do you think is telling the truth? Note it down in the comment section below!


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