How American Shows Have Affected Our Perception

As consumers of various OTT content and platforms, many of us have unintentionally adopted American-centric standards and manners. What is normal to American culture has quickly been made normal to us, and it has happened so fast and subconsciously that we have not even noticed it. Today, we possess more knowledge about the origin story of incidents which are American than Indian. While this seems very unproblematic, in reality, it has skewed our perception of our own reality. It is not all bad as it opens our minds to numerous contexts, but it does pull us a little away from our own culture. For instance, if we see someone who does not know about something which happened outside India, we are more than likely to judge them for it. We are also more likely to question people who know more about our inner state of affairs than the external ones. So, what do you have to say? Does it affect us and how behave or not?