How To Avoid Maskne #BeautyTruthBomb

Wearing a mask has become a new normal whenever we go out of our house to make ourselves and others safe. But wearing it for most of the day can lead to many skin issues. All excess sweat makeup and oil transfer onto your mask when each time you wear it. This can lead to the phenomenon of acne or maskne that we get from our masks. 


Here are few tips on how to prevent these blemishes:


Go Reusable

Always use a mask that is reusable so that you can be safe without negatively affecting our environment. Make sure that you wash your mask after every use to prevent breakouts.  


Utilize Your Toner

Keep your face and mask fresh by spraying your favorite anti-acne toner to the inside of your mask. That way whenever your face rubs onto the mask, your skin will absorb the ingredients and also act as a preventive measure to keep pimples and spots away.  


Consistently Cleanse

Even if you wash your mask every day and keep it clean then you never know what gunk and bacteria can find their way onto your skin. To help the maskne away, always cleanse your face in the morning and the night so that your skin is fresh and hydrated.  


Treat It

Another pro of wearing a mask is that no one sees what is under your mask. So let your skin breathe and take a break from makeup because no one is likely to see that.