How Bang PD's Mother Helped Him Get A Place in Seoul National University

Bang Si Hyuk, famously known as Bang PD, the brain behind BTS is one of the most influential producers of our time. Bang PD was a very famous composer and lyricist even before the success of BTS. Bang PD was renowned for his hit-making skills from his college days, in 1990 he partnered with JYP and the duo were soon called as “the Hitmakers”, This is how Bang PD’s stage name “Hitman Bang” emerged.

Bang PD spent his childhood in a joint family with a very strict grandfather. He lived with his mother, father, sister and grandfather. Bang PD’s mother’s friend recalls that “Myung Ja”, Bang PD’s mother, was very intelligent and was a top student. Myung Ja was admitted to Seoul National University which is known for its low acceptance rate. As Mother, the son was also very intelligent and a top student but the son also had a passion for music. His grandfather did not eat for a month because he wanted his grandson to enter a law university because at that time in Korea becoming a prosecutor or a judge was the lifetime goal.

Bang PD with the support of his mother entered Seoul National University and enrolled in his favourite liberal arts class. And we all know the rest. If it was not for his mother’s support, we might not have BTS today.

Bang PD followed his dreams in spite of all the resistance he faced, that’s why he was able to keep his company afloat and make such ‘Big Hits’, pun intended.