How beneficial is tea tree oil for you? Tried Aroma treasure's tea tree oil on my acne prone skin, and here is my review.

Essential Oils play a key role in my skin and hair care regime .. Some of the essentials oils have helped me to get through worst acne phases and some have helped me in calming down during anxious phases. Aroma Treasures Tea Tree oil - 100% Pure Therapeutic grade antiseptic essential oil for Skin, Hair and Body helps in fighting Acne, Dandruff. I have been using essential oils for quite sometime now and I can fairly compare different brands for the same. I ordered this one considering that the price was lower than other competitors in the market. It claims to be 100% pure essential oil which I was not sure for the price we get , usually such oils are costlier :) .. but this one is fairly affordable.I used this oil directly on my zits / pimples and observed very little change in them in like a week when I applied it twice a day.I also mixed some of it in my night cream so as to get maximum benefit.I didn't see any major change in the way my pimples were .. size reduced a little but new zits made their way through .. it only worked on smaller pimples.

So overall this product is a good buy and could benefit you if you have moderate skin problems.