How can I stop my hair fall? Here are 5 proven ways

Hair fall is one of our worst enemies. In all honesty, no one wants to ever lose their hair. We don't understand the importance of our hair until it starts falling. Hair fall is said to be a sign of poor appetite. There can be several reasons behind a person losing their hair. Over the years there have been several shampoos that promise to stop hair fall but lemme tell you not all of them work. I have been a victim of hair fall and I wish to not go through it again. From shampoo to homemade remedies, I have tried everything to stop it. While some worked and some didn't, here are 5 ways that I swear by to stop hair fall:

  1. Oil - Remember when we were small, our parents used to oil our hair every Sunday and we couldn't stand it? Well, let me tell you, oiling your hair regularly is very important. It does not only help you keep your scalp clean and hair soft but also makes sure to get in your roots. Once the oil enters your roots, it strengthens which in return does not allow your hair to get weak. There are so many hair oils available in the market. Whatever you trust the most should be applied at least twice a week. 
  2. Scalp massage - Scalp massages make a huge difference. Studies have proven how scalp massages help with blood flow and reduce the risk of hair loss.
  3. Onion juice - As much as we can't stand the onion smell on our scalp, we need to understand how this can be effective for us. With the help of onion juice, we can witness less hair fall. It does not only reduces hair fall but also helps with the growth of new hair. It is believed, that within 6 weeks of using the onion juice you can see the difference. 
  4. Healthy diet - Having a healthy diet will help you a lot in ways you can't imagine. A healthy diet not only keeps you fit and fine but also helps you stop hair fall. If the right nutrients enter your body, your hair won't fall 
  5. Meditate - Stress is never good for our health. Due to stress you just don't fall sick but also your hair falls. Meditating will help you stay calm and also stop hair fall.